5 Blog Topic Idea Generator Tools for Blog Post Inspirations

Running a blog is one of the top ways you can promote your business online. It’s excellent for SEO purposes, ensuring you update your site with new content regularly and helping you to add more keyword-focused content too. If you have a business blog, it’s important to have a blogging strategy as part of your wider content marketing strategy. Part of this is researching the keywords that you want to target and outlining the blog posts that you want to publish. But coming up with blog post topics, even when you have keywords that can inspire you, can be difficult.

You might start off with a bunch of ideas that you’re keen to get started with, but after a while, your ideas can dry up. If you struggle to come up with topics for your WordPress blog, a blog topic idea generator will help to inspire you. Our core WordPress web design packages offer the structure allowing you to easily get started with building your blog and creating articles for your audience.

There are lots of topic tools available to help you get started. Basically all you usually have to do is input a keyword or topic and you’ll be given a list of titles and ideas for your blog post. Some of the blog title generators available are better than others. However, here are five of them to try so you can build a long list of blog post topics for your blogging strategy.

1. FatJoe Blog Post Title Generator

blog topic generator fatjoe

FatJoe offers a simple blog topic idea generator that makes it easy to get started with titling your blogs. If you already have a keyword or a topic that you want to write about, you can simply input it into the text field and click a button. It will then give you a blog title idea and a few buttons. You can click “next idea” to get a new idea, or you can click “Google this idea” if you want to do a bit of research and see what’s already out there relating to that topic. There’s also a Twitter share button, just in case you feel like sharing the idea on social media.

The FatJoe blog topic idea generator will suggest titles such as “A Roundup of ___ Posts” and “Why ___ Works for Businesses”. These kinds of titles can help get you thinking about how you can approach a topic and make it appeal to your audience. The titles and topics can just be a way to get you thinking. You can reword them or use them to inspire a new way of writing about something. If you’re really blocked creatively, it could be just the thing to help you move forward.

This type of blog topic generator is ideal if you have a keyword that you want to target but you’re not sure how to turn it into blog content. The blog title ideas can easily be used with lots of different keywords too.

2. Buzzsumo

blog topic buzzsumo

If you’re looking for a tool that will help you to come up with news and trending topics to talk about, Buzzsumo is a good choice. It searches for the most talked about topics for you so that you can write about the things that will interest your audience. Input your keyword, and Buzzsumo will give you a list of popular content and some key statistics about each content piece. It tells you about the total amount of engagement on the page, how many times it has been engaged with or shared on popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, and how many links it has. You also get an evergreen score to help you decide how relevant the topic is a while after it’s been published.

You can filter the results you get by date, country, language, and more so that you can find the most relevant content. You can look at what’s trending in general or you can choose to see content specific to your industry, which is a handy way to make your content more relevant to your audience. You’ll get plenty of topics to write about, and you can even use the results to inspire titles for your posts too. This blog topic idea generator is ideal if you’re looking for news to write about or if you want to tell your blog readers about the latest trends in your industry. You can try it free for 30 days, but it’s a paid tool after that.

3. Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator

blog title generator hubspot

Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator allows you to add up to five different nouns to your search and gives you a week’s worth of blog content ideas (i.e. five different topics to write about). If you want a year’s worth of blog topic ideas, you can fill in their lead form with some basic details (name, email, phone number, website, and company name) and download even more ideas. The blog topic generator will give you ideas relating to each of the nouns that you enter into the engine, so you can create a blog topic for each weekday with your five nouns.

Much like similar blog topic idea generators, you’ll get suggestions such as “___: Expectations vs. Reality” and “The Next Big Thing Is ___”, etc. While these might be fairly generic blog topic ideas, they can be very helpful if you’re really stuck on what to write about. They can also help to make your blog post titles more captivating and interesting, so you’re not just sticking to the same old formula every time. If you choose to download the year’s worth of content ideas, which gives you 250 more ideas, you also get up-to-date SEO tips for your blog. Hubspot offers a lot of other advice and many tools to help you master SEO, including courses and certificates to help you learn more. Their blog topic generator is simple but effective, as well as being free.

4. Portent Content Idea Generator

post title creator portent

Portent is another generator for blog topic ideas that offers you titles after you input a keyword or noun. It will generate a title for you, and you can then click on a word or phrase in the title to learn more about it. Below the topic generator, you also have a number of buttons to use while you’re coming up with ideas. You can click to see another title, save the idea, tweet your idea, or change your subject to get a new title. If you save your idea, you can then go to the “saved ideas” tab at the top of the page and see a list of the ideas that you saved. Each saved idea gives you the option to delete it or tweet it if you want to.

Portent also helps you out by giving you a quick tutorial on using this simple tool. On top of that, they have a collection of resources to help you refine your content, get it to rank in search engine results, and promote your content. They have other handy tools like their “tone of voice generator” and a “plug and play content strategy”. From their blog content generator, you’ll get titles such as “An Expert Interview About ___” and “Why Billionaires Will Never Invest In ___”, as well as the odd fun title like “How to Make ____ As Fierce as RuPaul”.

5. Answer the Public

article topic generator answer public

Answer the Public is a tool that you can use as a blog topic idea generator because it tells you what questions people are asking. You start with inputting a topic, brand, or product, and you can select a country and a language. You then get a series of diagrams telling you what people are asking based on question words, including what, why, where, and when, different prepositions, and comparison words. In addition to these diagrams, you get an alphabetical list of related keywords. As well as the visualizations, you can click on “data” for each of the diagrams to see questions and topics in list form.

This tool doesn’t generate blog topic titles directly like some other tools. However, you could certainly use the questions that it presents you with to inspire your blog posts. It lets you know what your customers might be researching, what common questions they have, and what their pain points are. Educating your audience is one of the best ways to provide valuable content, so Answer the Public is a really handy tool to get a better understanding of what they want to know.

You can save each of the images that you are given. If you click on the “data” tab for each visualization, you can also get an image for each individual list. For example, it will give you an image for all questions starting with “can”. The alphabetical keyword lists are handy too and can also be seen in an image.

When you need inspiration for your blog content, blog topic idea generators are really useful. Try out the different types of tools to see what you can get from them and how they can help you. You might find that some are more useful than others, depending on what you’re looking for.